Altair 4X Multigas Detector Kit
$ 1550.00

Altair 4X Multigas Detector Kit 

  • Enhanced safety with industry-leading accuracy, repeatability, and response times.
  • Features an early end-of-sensor-life warning, to reduce instrument downtime and sensor inventory.
  • MotionAlert™ feature activates when no movement is detected for 30 seconds, indicating “Man down.”
  • InstantAlert™ feature is a manually activated alarm to alert others of hazardous situations.
  • Ideal for confined space applications when there is no direct line of sight.
  • Approval agency certified IP67 Rating, dust and water resistance.
  • 24-hour run time ensures continuous operation over three shifts.
  • Ergonomic design for comfort and easy operation even with gloved hands.

Kits includes

  • Manual
  • Charger
  • Instrument
  • Calibration Gas
  • Calibration Cap
  • Hose
  • Regulator
  • Carry Case

Part No: 10110450K

Model: 10110450K

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